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The Pirelli Calendar Overview

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The Pirelli Calendar, also known as, The Cal™ was born in 1964. At that time Pirelli’s British subsidiary was looking for a marketing strategy to help Pirelli stand out from domestic competition and appointed the art director Derek Forsyth and British photographer Robert Freeman, famous for his portraits of the Beatles, to produce what was an entirely innovative project for its day. The result was an exclusive product with artistic and cultural connotations that from the start set it apart from the world of fashion and “glamour”.

Since then, for more than 60 years The Cal™ has continued to mark the passing of time with images by the most highly acclaimed photographers of the moment – capturing and interpreting contemporary culture and often setting new trends.

From 1964 to 2023, a total of 50 Pirelli Calendars have been produced by 39 photographers. The 50th edition, Pirelli Calendar 2024 has been shot by the visual artist Prince Gyasi.

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