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Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Yara Shahidi - Casting Photo

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Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Yara Shahidi - Casting Photo

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Paolo Have you ever been in Italy?
Yara I have. It was one of the best trips ever. I was seven. We started in Rome, spent most of our time in Florence—I sat on the steps of the Duomo after learning about the Duomo. And then, with my family we went to Pompeii, then Naples and Sorrento.
Paolo Which was your favourite place?
Yara I think Florence. We played soccer in the piazza until two in the morning, and that’s such a vivid memory for me. But also, my love of history started there. I’ve always had a family that has kept me inspired and there was something in learning about the importance of the Renaissance, learning about the importance of art and then going to live and experience it. I feel like it was the foundation for so much of my interest in history—so much of my interest in art and creativity, even.
Paolo Tell me about this book that you keep in your hands. Is it Romeo and Juliet?
Yara Yes. It’s Romeo and Juliet. I was quite cynical when I first read the book, and quite angry at Friar Laurence for saying that their plan would work. I think that as the adult in the situation he should have known their plan was faulty at best. So, I’d thought their deaths were avoidable and when I first read the book, I felt that Capulet was the only sensible person in the book. My opinion has changed now, but that was my first 13 year old take.
Paolo How did you get into acting?
Yara I got into acting not because I watched much television or watched many movies—there’s actually quite a few that I haven’t seen. In my household we pretty much only watched television for like an hour on Saturdays. But it’s because of story-telling. I read so many books—I still read so many books—and that’s what inspired me to get into acting.
Paolo Do you have a particular book you’d like to tellme about?
Yara Yes. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin is one of the first books that ever made me properly sob. We were actually on our way to Paris, and so I thought I should read it because that’s where the book takes place. I create music lists for every book that I read, so that I’ll listen to the music while I read. And my mom looked to her left and just saw me crying on the plane. I was like [sobbing] “this is such a good book.”