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Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Kristen Stewart - Casting Photo

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Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Kristen Stewart - Casting Photo

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Paolo What makes you the actress you are today?
Kristen It’s weird because for me acting is kind of the least performative thing I’ve ever had to do. When it feels like discovering, and it feels like there’s an accumulative effort to dig something up, and you don’t quite know what it is —there’s a surprise to that. And there’s learning. When I watch movies I want to see people learning things. I don’t want to see people telling you, I don’t want to learn lessons; I want to watch people stumble upon things that shock them and scare them. Then you can kind of project, and go on that ride with them. I can’t say I accomplish this all the time, but what I really hope to do is lose control completely and find something unexpected. And for me, for when I watch films, my favourite actors are sprawling, you know.
Paolo Does it take time for you to come out of yourself when you are in the part?
Kristen Well, we have so many versions of ourselves inside of us. I’m never trying to lie and be someone I’m not. My favourite thing about my job, and what I get to do as expression, is to surprise myself and go “Oh my god, I didn’t know that I had this in me.”
Paolo Even a Juliet?
Kristen I would never play a part that I didn’t find deeply hidden in myself somewhere—even if it was a lesser known facet, it’s still in there. I could never play someone that I wasn’t, because that’s just a lie.
Paolo You look like a very pure person and a rebel at the same time. Juliet was a rebel in a way too.
Kristen The ultimate, yeah.
Paolo She went against all the rules; she fell in love with the enemy, secretly married him, and took the poison...