Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Emma Watson - Casting Photo

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Pirelli Calendar 2020 - Emma Watson - Casting Photo

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Paolo You know we are preparing a new version of Romeo and Juliet, and we are looking for Juliet. Have you ever been to Verona?
Emma No, I’ve never been to Verona.
Paolo Do you see Juliet more as an innocent girl or more as a rebel?
Emma She’s both, she’s a paradox. She’s incredibly innocent, but I think that innocence gives her her strength and her wisdom. I think she’s not been tainted by the world yet, or told that things aren’t possible.
Paolo Do you believe in eternal love?
Emma I bloody hope so, I think so. Yes. I’m definitely holding out for that.
Paolo Has no one ever asked you to play Juliet?
Emma Many times.
Paolo And why did it never happen?
Emma It felt a little... on the nose. I wanted to try and do different things.
Paolo Do you think you’re ready now to play Juliet?
Emma Maybe. It’s just... dying on stage every time for months at a time seems tough.
Emma gets on ‘stage’ to perform.
Paolo Now you are on stage Juliet!
Emma Now I’m on stage.