Tim Walker

Blessed with boundless creativity, and drawn to Victorian sensibilities, gothic humour, English irony and eccentricity, Tim Walker is unquestionably one of the most cultured, original and influential contemporary photographers the world has seen. A photographer who, more than anybody else around, has an undisputable talent for storytelling.

His images channel the magic of photography to become -- through complex scenographic narration -- genuine works of art, which is why they can be found in various permanent collections in prestigious museums and galleries throughout the world.

With his unique photographic style, Walker is capable of using his camera to do something which very few others can achieve: placing movement and words into a single shot, and creating a story.

As in a dream with our eyes wide open, following a subtle central thread of a fragile, surreal romanticism, telling us something without making it truly visible, Tim Walker makes photographs which offer a dimension of reality to our unconscious mind.

Bringing emotional involvement, capable of evoking memories of childhood, of wonder and enchantment, his images are constructed as scenography, developed with a meticulous attention to detail and never, ever re-touched.

The worlds created by Walker, despite representing a fantastic reality of an essence which is both fragile and imperceptible, are at the same time never far from our daily lives, and are merely a surreal but believable version of our own reality.

His connection with reality is also evident in his interpretation of modern tendencies, and though his work contains frequent references to the past, his aesthetic culture is strongly tied to the most innovative movements and artistic trends of modern times.Pirelli welcomes Tim Walker as the visionary behind the 45th Calendar.


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